Hints and Tips to off-road Driving

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Read your vehicle owners manual (in the glove box) before you take your truck off road.  Learn the functions of your vehicle and what each button does.

Know your size.  Know your truck’s height and width.  Will your vehicle clear the narrow clearings or overhanging trees?  If not, don’t venture down the track.

Know your 4wd system.  Make sure you know about the diffs and transfer case of your 4wd.  Is it electronically controlled? Do you have traction control? Are there lockers or an LSD in the diff?  Look online or ask other owners of the same vehicle about these features.

Practise safe recovery techniques.  Should you get stuck, plan out your recovery before going ahead and doing it.  Make sure all persons are clear of the recovery before proceeding.  If jacking is required, make sure the vehicle is supported before working on it.  For safe recovery why not try out Tough Tracks.

Lower your tyre pressures.  Always lower your tyre pressures before entering an off road situation.  If conditions are soft or boggy this is especially important.  Lower tyre pressures also help prevent tyre punctures from sharp rocks. All vehicles from AVAHS 4×4 CAR RENTALS NAMIBIA are equipped with two spare wheels just in case.

Convoy procedure – Many trips are spoiled by people getting lost or separated from the convoy. Correct convoy procedure is to maintain contact with the vehicle immediately behind – either visual or radio contact – and never to turn off the current track before the following vehicle sees the move.  If everyone does that, no-one gets separated and no-one misses turnoffs.

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